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Japanese Rice
Rice is a popular and important food in Japan. Japanese rice is a short-grain variety of rice which is characterized by its unique stickiness and texture. Japanese call each meal "gohan (cooked rice)", such as "asa (morning) -gohan" for breakfast. A bowl of rice is included in most of Japanese meals. Rice is cultivated all over in Japan. Each rice is characterized with its own taste and other features according to a production area. Many Shinto ceremonies and Japanese festivals involve rice growing and rice products. Kome (raw rice), sake (Japanese rice wine) and mochi (rice cakes) are typical offerings in shrines. Japanese people believe that it's important not to waste rice. Leaving pieces of rice in a bowl or a dish is considered to be rude.

Types of Japanese Rice
Two common brand of rice is Koshihikari and Hitomebore. Koshihikari, considered the best rice in Japan, is produced in Uonuma area. It is distinguished with its highly improved taste and flavor. After several hours of cooking, it will not lose its glutinous feature and taste. The rice is best served cooking naturally as it tends to lose its flavor if fried or mechanically processed.
Hitomebore round, glutinous and soft grain does not change in taste after cooking. Being a hardy kind of rice, it is not liable to being damaged by natural calamities. It tastes as good when it is cooked, warm, cool. Onigiri, Japanese rice ball, can be made with cooked Hitomebore. Onigiri can be taken with pickled plums, dried sea plants as its fillings and sesames mixed with the rice.

Glutinous Rice

Preparation (Before Cooking)
Before Cooking, white rice needs to be rinsed with water, and then washed using brisk, light pressure of rubbing to remove the rice bran from its outer hull. This is done so to ensure the rice bran is removed and the nutrients in the rice are retained.

1. Place the amount of rice you required in a bowl. Add water. Wash 1 to 2 rounds and drain off.
2. Briskly press/rub and mix the rice a few times. Add water, then rinse off. [*Do not press the rice too hard]
3. Repeat step (2) a few times until water becomes clear when you wash / add into the rice.
4. Pour into a strainer and drain off water.
*Should you keep the ready rice untouched too long, it will become dry.
*After draining off, you may pour into the rice cooker (Do not cook it.)

How to Cook
1. Once the rice is ready (washed and drained), add in the usual amount of water to cook.
2. Leave it for 30 to 60 minutes to soak.
3. Cook as usual.
4. Once cooked, with the action of cutting, mix the rice before serving. Do not press the rice when mixing.

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