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原酒造株式会社 新潟県柏崎


加藤喜八郎酒造 株式会社 山形県鶴岡市大山 3-1-38

TEL: 0235-33-2008 FAX: 0235-33-0880



The Shonai area in Yamagata prefecture, there is rivers and covered with greenery. During winter season mountain is covered with snow. The snow thaws and makes rivers in this area. There is everything necessary for making sake in this area. Rich rice, clear water, and harsh winter.


In the prime of time, more than 40 breweries ship Ohyama sake from Hokkaido to Sanin area. Even at Meiji period, Ohyama sake breweries is evaluated high in sake brewing technique.



Ohyama brewery has establishmed since 1872, and has promoted mechanization. The Japanese sake uses the power of microorganisms such as Cougekin and the yeast funguses. To produce good sake, it is necessary to best environment for these microorganisms. We develop an original Sacouge machine and the fermentation tank. This is not for produce mass-produce. We reduce cost and use this for sake quality-improvement.

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