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小堀酒造店株式会社  石川県白山市鶴来本町一丁目ワ47

TEL: 07619-3-1171 FAX: 07619-3-3725

URL: http://www.manzairaku.co.jp/



The population of Tsurugi town is approximately 21,000 and is well known for its carving and Hinoki tree work due to its dense forest area. Snowfall reaches 2-4m during the winter season. The Shirayamahime Shinto shirne, which is the main temple of national Hakusan faith, is the reason for the city’s role as a temple town. Sake brewing started initially with the purpose of creating sacred sake to serve to the shrine, thus it is the beginning of the brewery since then. Sake that was produced was named "Kaga no Kiku flower sake". Toyotomi Hideyoshi would have his meals with this sake during the Ohanami season


* ○萬歳楽の蔵元の井戸には一年を通して霊峰・白山の清らかな雪解け水が湧き出します。 この水は適度な硬度の中軟水、雪深い北陸の気候の中で味わい深い酒に醸します。
* 米は「山田錦」「五百万石」といった酒造好適米をはじめ、一時は完全に姿を消した酒造好適米「北陸12号」を地元の篤農家と協力して復活させるなど米へのこだわりを求めて、土作りからの研究を推めています。
* 良質な原料米に由来する味は、充分な旨味を伴った重厚な味わいを特徴とし、お燗でも美味しく召し上がれます。

* All year round, the well where the brewery draws water from for its sake comes from a mountain nearby. The water is of moderate hardness and gives the sake its tastiness while being brewed in a climate of deep snow in Hokuriku.
* Only top quality rice for sake making, yamada nishiki and gohyakumangoku grains are used. At the same time, quality of soil is also being researched to produce finer grains.
* Sake produced in Manzairaku brewery is full bodied and delicious. Suitable to be served warm as well.

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