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司牡丹酒造株式会社 〒579-1201 高知県高岡郡佐川町甲1299

TEL: 0889-22-1211 FAX: 0889-22-4116

URL: http://www.tsukasabotan.co.jp/

Establishment 1603



Located in Midwest of Kochi prefecture, Sagawa-cho is situated at basin surrounded by Shikoku mountain chain. The climate, it is very warm and humid with a wide range of temperature, the cultivations such as tea, pears, and apples are thriving industry


* 米、水、技、心が蔵の4大柱。
* 米は、ほぼ全商品の麹米・酒母米に酒造好適米、山田錦を使用。
* 水は、極軟水の湧水。
* 飲み飽きしないスッキリとした淡麗辛口が特徴。さらに独特の旨味と芳醇な香りが加わり、必要以上に辛く感じないまろやかなふくらみと絶妙な香味のバランスを口中で醸し出します。

* Rice, Water, Technique, Mind are pillars of the brewery.
* Used favorable rice for brewing sake is “Yamadanishiki rice”.
* Used ultra soft water from spring water.
* “Kotsuzumi sake” is characterized by fresh and light attractive taste. In addition, a peculiar profit and a mellow smell join, and spread out well-ballanced mild taste and flavor.

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