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第一酒造株式会社 栃木県佐野市田島町488

TEL: 0283-22-0001 FAX: 0283-24-6168

URL: http://www.sakekaika.co.jp/

Establishment 1673



The town of Sano in Tochigi prefecture, which is located in North Kanto area, prospered as an important traffic point dated back to the Edo period. It was thriving on goods exchange from Edo and other provinces with the main transportation on river. Products such as cast metal and cloth were main trading items and recently food like Sano ramen have become popular as well.


* 蔵内平均精米歩合は57%となっています。
* 「品質第一」。「お客様に良い商品を提供する」をモットーとしており、杜氏が年間を通じて蔵に駐在し、できたお酒はビン詰、出荷まで責任をもって管理しています。
* 淡麗旨口のきれいでやわらかなお酒です。スムーズな口当たりで優しく広がる心地よい旨味と香りのバランスが高次元で調和しています。栃木県酵母を使用したフルーティーな吟醸香も特徴のひとつです。

* The Kura (Brewery) practices an average milling standard of rice at 57%.
* "Best quality ", "Offer good commodities for the customer" is the motto of the company. To pursue perfection, the Toji master (sake brewer) stays in the brewery during the term whereby a new sake is made. He upholds all responsibility for the sake and manages it until shipment is made.
* Light and mild taste. Smooth palate and a comfortable flavor. Well balanced. The fruity flavor is also one of the sake’s main characteristic.

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