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How to make Konbu Daishi (Japanese Soup Stock)?

(1) Clean the Konbu
Wipe the surface of the Konbu with a wet cloth (do not wash in water).

(2) Soak the Konbu in water
Put some water in a pan and soak the Konbu for about 20 minutes (use approx. 2 litres of water for 30 grams of Konbu).

(3) Heat the water
Heat the water slowly so that it boils within about 20 minutes.

(4) Remove the Konbu
Turn off the heat before the water begins to boil and remove the Konbu. Add a pinch of salt to the dashi to help bring out the taste.

*Using dried bonito shavings enhances the flavour.
*Add the bonito shavings after removing the Konbu. When they sink to the bottom, take them out.

The removed Konbu can be used for other dishes. Shred and mix it with dressing to make a salad, or stir-fry or simmer it with other ingredients. It is also delicious in soup.

Boiling Konbu for maximum taste
Cut the Konbu into bite-sized pieces using scissors and soak them in water for at least 20 minutes. Simmer the Konbu in water over a low heat until it becomes soft, then season with sugar, salt and soy sauce (in that order). This makes the Konbu softer and enhances flavour.

Store Konbu
Konbu can be stored at room temperature. Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is recommended during the hot and humid seasons.

Types of Konbu in Hokkaido

Hidaka Konbu (for simmered dishes, soup stock)
- Hidaka Konbu, with its outstanding taste and soft texture, is used for making soup stock and simmered dishes. It is also a popular choice for miso soup stock.

Ma Konbu (for soup stock)
- Ma Konbu gives soup stock a refined sweetness. It is ideal for making stock for miso soup, hot-pot dishes, shabu shabu, clear soups and more.

Rishiri Konbu (for soup stock)
- Rishiri Konbu can be used to make a rich, savory, in Japanese dishes such as boiled tofu, hot-pot dishes, clear soups and shabu shabu.

Rausu Konbu (for soup stock)
- Rausu Konbu can be used to make a rich soup stock with body and sweetness. With its fine aroma and soft texture, it is also good for use after being removed from the soup stock. Shredding it makes a tasty snack.

Saomae Hayani Konbu (quick-cooking; for simmered dishes)
- This kelp is found in eastern Hokkaido and harvested while young for use in simmered dishes. Soup stock made with it is not rich, but it cooks quickly, and is soft and delicious. Shredding it for soup and other dishes it also recommended.

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