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What is Yuzu?
Yuzu citron is often used as a flavouring agent since it emits a strong aromatic fragrance when its lumpy rind filled with many oil glands is peeled.  While this fruit with high resistance to cold, disease, and pest is produced widely in Japan, Kochi Prefecture accounts for about more than 50% of the domestic production.  A Yuzu weighs around 100 to 130 grams and its rind is rich in vitamin C. The fruit also contains calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins B1 and B2.  The rind also contains a fragrant oil.
In Japan, people enjoy the fragrance of Yuzu by putting chopped rind into soups or nabe (Japanese one-pot dish cooked at the table) dishes, or adding squeezed fruit juice to grilled or raw fish in combination with soy sauce.

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