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What is Konnyaku?
Konnyaku, a traditional Japanese food, is a jelly-like health food made from konnyaku potato. It is first introduced to Japan as a form of medicine and gradually the Japanese has regarded it as part of their tradition food. It is a totally natural food – high dietary fibre, high minerals, low calories (almost zero) and it contains no fats. Konnyaku helps to normalises the level of cholesterol, prevents diabetes and high blood pressure, and controls your weight and health.

Types of Konnyaku
There are various types of Konnyaku: -
• Ito Konnyaku – Tread shaped konnyaku
• Ita Konnyaku – high-class Konnyaku made from carefully selected crude potato. Most popular type of Konnyaku. You can use it in various ways of cooking.
• Dessert Konnyaku – Jelly made from fiber of Konnyaku. One of the healthiest sweets in Japan.

Methods of Cooking
Konnyaku can be cooked in various methods. Commonly, it is eaten during steamboat (Nabe), the New Year season (Nimono), and for dieting. It is a traditional New Year dish and due to the low level of calories, it is popular for weight control.

The longer you cook the konnyaku, the tastier it gets. The easiest way to try and cook konnyaku is to put some it into soup. The soup base can be as simple as miso soup. Should you be serving konnyaku to children, make sure that the pieces are cut into bite-sized that allows them to chew well and shallow.

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