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What is Mochi?
Mochi is a Japanese term referring to sticky rice cake. Similar to Chinese rice cake “nian gao”, it is made of glutinous rice and an important food in the Japan Culture. The Mochi is also a traditional food for the Japanese New Year. However, you can still find them throughout the whole year.

Mochitsuki – a traditional mochi-pounding ceremony in Japan. It demonstrates the traditional way of producing the rice cake, where the cooked glutinous rice is pounded with wooden mallets (kine) in a traditional mortar (usu). Mochi can also be made using an automatic mochi machine (akin to a breadmaker ) or using any apparatus (eg: bamboo steamer) at home. Mochi can be grilled, fried and simmered. Fresh Mochi is soft but turns hard soon. Prepacked mochi is available at supermarkets. Mochi must be cooked soon to avoid getting mold.

Uses of Mochi
Mochi can be used in many ways. Common uses of Mochi:
- Japanese traditional sweets (eg: Daifuku)
- Mochi Ice-Cream
- Sweet Red Bean Soup with pieces of Mochi (Zenzai)


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