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Video Recipe:
How to Cook Pancakes
Ingredients (Makes 4 pancakes)
Mix: 1 bag (180g)
Medium egg: 1 (50g)
Milk (or water): 170cc (¾ scant cup)

(1) Mix wet ingredients
Add egg and milk to bowl, and mix thoroughly.
(2) Add packaged mix
Add contents of package to mixture and whisk thoroughly until there are no lumps.
(3) Prepare frying pan
Heat frying pan over medium heat. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly on a damp cloth.
*If using a fluorine-coated frying pan or hotplate, omitting oil helps pancakes to cook evenly.
*If using an iron or stainless steel frying pan, add oil before heating.
(4) Cook
Return frying pan to heat and add ¼ of batter. Cook about 3 minutes on low heat.
(5) Flip
Flip pancake and cook 2 minutes on low heat.
?Hotplate Instructions: Pre-heat hotplate to 160°C. Cook according to frying pan instructions.

How to Cook Doughnuts
Ingredients (Makes 8 doughnuts)
Mix: 1 bag (180g)
Medium egg: 1 (50g)
Milk (or water): 30cc (2 tbsp)
Melted butter: 18g (1½ tbsp)
Flour (for dusting): As needed
Sugar: As needed
Frying oil: As needed

(1) Mix
Add contents of package, egg, milk, and melted butter to bowl, and mix well using wooden spoon.
(2) Cut out donuts
On a flour-dusted surface, spread dough out to a 5–8mm thickness, and use a donut cutter to cut out donuts.
(3) Fry
Heat oil to 160?–170? and fry donuts until golden brown. Quickly sprinkle with sugar.
*Try decorating with chocolate and other ingredients!

Poached Egg Caesar Salad Pancake

Ingredients For 2 Servings
Asparagus 2pcs
Snap Peas 4pcs
Leaf Lettuce 2 Sheets
Bacon (Thick Slices) 60g
Parmesan Cheese (Grated Cheese) Suitable Amount

Nisshin Hot Cake Mix Gokumochi 1 pkt (180g)
Egg 1 Piece (50g)
Milk 170ml

Poached Egg
Egg 2 Pieces (50g X 2)
Vinegar 1 Tablespoon

Homemade Caesar Dressing
Mayonnaise 3 Tbsp
Parmesan Cheese (Grated Cheese) 1 Tablespoon
Milk 1 Tablespoon
Lemon Juice 1/2 Tbsp
Worcestershire Sauce 1/2 Teaspoon
Grated Garlic 1/3 Teaspoon
Coarse Pepper Little bit

Preparation for Homemade Caesar Dressing:
Mix All Ingredients For Homemade Caesar Dressing And Keep In The Refrigerator.

How To Make:
1. For Asparagus, Peel The Root With A Peeler, Cut It Into Tanned Pieces With A Length Of About 4 Cm, And Remove The Calyx And Streaks From The Snap Peas. Boil Asparagus & Snap Peas In Hot Water With Salt And Oil (A Little Each, Out Of The Amount), And Open The Snap Peas In Two.

When Boiling Asparagus & Snap Peas, Add A Little Oil To Make It More Colorful.

2. Leaf Lettuce Cut Into Pieces That Are Easy To Eat. Bacon Cut Into 1cm Wide Pieces, Heat Frying Pan with Medium Heat, And Fry Until Browned Without Oiling.

3 <Poached Egg>
Boil Water In A Small Saucepan, Add 1 Tablespoon Of Vinegar, And Reduce The Heat To Low. Open Up Egg In Another Bowl And Gently Put It Into The Boil Water. Boil Until The Egg Whites Harden. When It Hardens, Scoop It Up With A Perforated Ladle, Drain With The Kitchen Paper.

4 < Pancake>
Put (A) In A Bowl And Mix Well. Heat Up Frying Pan With Medium Heat, Remove It From The Heat And Let It Cool Down A Little On A Wet Cloth, Then Put It Back To The Heat, Pour The Mixture And Cook For 3 Minutes. When The Surface Is Lumpy, Turn It Over And Cook For 2 Minutes. Cook The Remaining 3 Pieces In The Same Way.

5 <Toppings>
Place Pancake In A Bowl And Place 1 And 2 And Poached Eggs. Sprinkle With Parmesan Cheese And Serve With Homemade Caesar Dressing.